Thursday, August 21, 2003

7.The Cult Math-magician ( It is Me )

I was a cult mathematician in college ( Not known to anyone except me). My skills with the number system were far better than the skills pocessed by great mathematicians like Charles babbage,Shakunthala Devi,Pascal,Newton,Bhaskara, Aryabatta, A.Singaravelu,Mandira Bedi and Ramanujam.( Dunno how Mandira Bedi found her way in this list. But I'll keep her in the list anyways.)

No one could tolerate the ever increasing mathematical brilliance in me and as a result i cleared my first semester mathematical paper after four years.During this course of time, I challenged the Ramanujam Theory once again. I called it the Analogous clock Theorem.

Analogous Clock Theorem

2=3; because the seconds hand is infact the third hand in the clock
Proof(in sequence ..
hours hand=first hand,
minutes hand = second hand
and seconds hand = third hand)

so seconds hand= third hand

removing hand from both sides =>

second = third
hence proved..

Will i reach Cult status in the field of Mathematics.



  1. What can i say! Brilliant... I am left speechless...

  2. Yippeee! alas someone to feed-in a comment...Me too speechless and only writeMORE

  3. Answer: No, you will not reach cult status in the field of Mathematics.(Oooh-la-la! The satisfaction of driving a dagger throu people's dreams!)

    Ummmm... the justification, u asked?

    "Seconds hand = Third hand" (OK)
    "removing hand from both sides =>" (OK)

    "second = third" (NOT OK)

    Did u swallow the 's' in 'Seconds'?
    ('seconds' not equal to 'third')
    (Am sooo intelligent!)

    Make way for the reaaaal Cult Status Mathematician! :D

  4. silver: ill come up with another solution.. that'll cure your headache..

    usha: seconds=third

    the S is borrowed for future purposes..not convincing enuff? anyways you crackd it.. way to go..

  5. Math was never was favourite subject.. numbers and i have raged a bloody war.. and none of us have one yet.. =P

    So, to make a long story short, THAT post went over my head.. =P

  6. Err.. Typo..

    Math was NEVER my fav subject

    And none of us have WON yet..

    Brr.. :O See what you've done to me.. ive forgotten my grammer.. Grr..

  7. Kalakkal chriss... the "S" doesn't matter much cos its d core concet ... its rockin man!
    Go 4it!

  8. ME super proud chriss boy.... congujaka(Das congrats if u 4got)

  9. Well, i think ur whole theory is wrong n im puttin in another challenge 4 ya....

    1st i'll prove u wrong!!!

    minutes hand = second hand -(1)
    second(s)hand = third hand -(2)

    the 's' in de 2nd equation hasnt been taken into consideration regardin de fact that it'll b used for future purposes!!!!]

    so equating (1) n (2),n removin the similar terms, we get

    minutes hand = third hand

    hence proved that u r wrong!!!!

    now u mite as well sit n prove this!!!!!

    i cant belive this....!!!
    another contestant for the Cult Math-magician race!!!!

    Cheers!!!! :)

  10. gayatri:thank you for hopping down. numbers and me still have a romantic inclination towards each other.

    sins: start blogging big girl. yank ya for he yamment

    minutes hand is the catalyst..
    this is a mathematical chemistry that is pulled forward for a stimuli equation. come out with better proofs kid! M-L-K

  11. 'S' is borrowed for future purpose? Ok, now i believe u... congrats, buddy, u r back in the race as a hot contender for Cult Status! :D :D :D

    (Pssst! thank god v r not math teachers!)


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