Long Long ago, Very long ago;somebody, somewhere told someone,something that changed someone's life for ever. I dunno who that Somebody was, neither do i know any detail about that some one. Again I dunno where that somewhere is!.But I surely know, what that something is all about!This something went on to become the greatest ever proverb recorded in history.
"something"->Great Babies have Great Uncles

The Two smart men in the above picture are a father- son duo. The one on the right to the person on the rightside of the picture is the junior and the person to his left is his dad. The one without teeth is the son and the one with teeth is his dad.Jeremy and Johnny are their names respectively.
Talking about Jeremy, I should admit that he is a great baby indeed. He will turn three this september.Jeremy follows in the footsteps of his great Uncle, Senior II. No wonder they say that Great babies have great Uncles.
Here is a list of common traits that can be seen between the "Great Baby"(Jeremy) and the "Great Uncle"(That is me).
1) I used to pee in bed till I was in class 5. ( Stop laughing!, cos my engineering roomie Andrew even pees in his bed now).
Jeremy has made a vow that he will pee in his bed till he turns 5.

2) I used to steal the hearts of all the babes in college ( Atleast in my dreams).
Jeremy is a master stealer himself. When I carry him around , all the babes come near us and start pinching his cheeks.

3) When I flunked in an exam for the first time ever in my life ( first mid term in kindergarden), I was so cheeky, that I went missing from home for two long hours. My dad finally found me hiding in the waste basket.
Jeremy also is an expert in hiding. Last Christmas, " Baby Jesus" went missing from the manger crib. My sister ,( Jeremy's Mom) found "Baby Jesus" in frozen state after he went missing for four months." Baby Jesus" was found deep inside the freezer section of the refrigerator.

4) The great Uncle and the Great baby have mastered the art of smiling even in times of adversity. Back in college, when all my three girlfriends found that I was three timing them,( someone told that two-timing is a bad habit) I smiled like a true warrior, without showing any signs of fear.
Jeremy has also mastered this art. He soils his nappies and smiles as if nothing has happened. My eighth sense says that he is performing this act when the above pcture was taken.

5) My childhood hero was "Dennis the menace"
Jeremy's hero is " Calvin"
Are not Calvin and Dennis, first cousins?