Thursday, November 06, 2003

11.LOO-ng term vision

Disclaimer: Please close your nose and read this post

India's population is blasting its way to Glory!By the year 2050,we would have taken over china by 200%.The rate at which we are growing will make our human resource rich by 20% compared to the whole world population.

Scientists in India are worried about one major issue that will supress India's growth.Being a socio-sensual (sensual sounds better than sensitivity) person, I always ponder over serious issues that hinder our country's growth.When i ponder, my thoughts travel around places of great geographic interest, and during one such mind-travel, my thoughts came to a halt near " Ashok Pillar", in Chennai.

Yippee! I Jumped in joy because I found the solution for the biggest ever question that is baffling the scientists all these years .My findings will save our country. (You can now give me a standing ovation).I am going to reveal my great thoughts in this post.

The Biggest ever Question that is baffling the scientists:
At the current rate of population explosion, India would be filled with 800 crore people by 2050.With the current toilet manufacturing rate which is 2 toilet/machine/day, the country would not have enough toilets to acommodate 800 crore bum's in times of crisis.

The Biggest ever answer: (Thanks to my thoughts after
pondering over the Ashoka Pillar)

Applying rules of correlation and regression, only 585 crores of bums can be accomodated by the available resources at a single Go. So if four lions can sit back to back , Why can't four human beings do the same thing?But care should be taken during the post-deposit-process.