Monday, October 06, 2003

10.Teen Trouble

I take scripture classes(sunday classes in church) for the boys in their late teens. For a compact guy like me(165 cms to be precise), it is indeed a tough job. I have five students in class and all these guys are HUGE. It is indeed a sight to see me in the middle, with all five boys ogling at me like five hungry vultures circling for a dead rat.All these guys are seventeen years of age and tackling them is not an easy joke.

After the Sunday service gets over; It is sunday class time(10 a.m.).These guys call me ,"Anna" (Anna does not stand for Anna Kournikova; Anna,in tamil means "Big Brother").The usual ritual starts with me, pulling a chair and sitting on it and all five guys following me with five chairs,ready to attack me.They take strategic positions and they end up sitting in a semicircular shape with"poor" me in the middle.

We usually start with a prayer and the trouble starts right from there. They talk very openly to God in the intercession prayer ( I once told them, that Prayer is just like conversing with their friends). I cannot be strict to them also, cos I always believe in non-violence. (I never show it to them that I am scared of this guys).

After the prayer, it is memory verse time. I dare not ask them to recite the memory verses, cos they first ask me to recite it to them. Certain days they have forced me to recite the memory verses and when their turn comes, they would Say," Anna, We would recite it after you are through with today's sharing".Abiding by their terms and conditions, I start my story telling session. I am very good in starting a story. But I lack the finishing touch. Last week, I was teaching them from the book of Esther(Esther is a story of a Jewish women who saves her people from an evil plot designed by an evil man).

I started the story with a great introduction, and i tried linking history with the biblical story to make it more interesting. Esther is the wife of Ahasuerus (a great persian king who ruled 127 provinces). Ahasuerus happens to be the son of Xerxes (the villain in the movie 300 driected by Zack snyder). So i asked all the boys to watch the movie in the near by movie hall. They were very excited.Suddenly the topic took a different route and the boys started talking about movies, and before I could realise, things went out of my hand and we were talking about Rajini's , "Sivaji".So I thought of stopping for the day and I asked my Boys to recite the memory verses cos they promised me that they wud recite at the end of the class.But just when i thought that I had things under my control,They gave me an intimidating look and I understood their non-verbal-Vibes very clearly. It is very difficult to handle guys in their late teens.My parents should be given the "Nobel prize for Patience",for bearing with me when i was in my late teens( am still not yet out of it mentally)

Last year I took classes for kids between the age group 3 to 5.When i compare them with my current Boys, I can very boldly say that the present boys are angels without a halo around their head. The toddler kids were real devils in disguise. I will write about the kids some day and you will understand why I refer to them as devils in disguise.