Sunday, April 13, 2003

1.GENDERal Science


Husband = man
Wife = woman

Disclaimer : The following article proves the above two equations wrong.

Those who are sure about their gender can continue reading...

Long Long ago , so long ago, when i was in class three, i attempted to master the art of copying in exams. As u all know that i was very innocent, i did not have the efficacy to carry out a malpractice successfully. I was caught by my biology teacher and she made me kneel down in front of the so called hot babes in my class. I still remember that day when Renu,Minu,sheena,reba,shyla, mahima,esther, ruth, mary and meena laughed at me. That was when i thought of taking revenge on my biology teacher.

Days flew by and soon i was in Class eight:

The same biOlogy teacher became my class teacher. Finally i got a chance to take revenge on her. The pain she took to teach us the GENDER differences urged me to ask more doubts( i was very innocent, u see). She managed her level best to clear most of my doubts,which inturn would provoke me ask serious innocent doubts. But just when i start thinking that i had the last laugh she will ask me a tricky question and i would finally end up kneeling down.The laughing and giggling from girls side will start as usual. I guess they were madly in love with me.

Days again started flying and today i ended up making the discovery of the century.!! i dunno if " the Noble prize academy" would recognise my discovery and award me the noble prize for works in english and biology. If you are thinking what my discovery is, i am not gonna confuse u any further. I'll go into the matter straight.My discoveryI opened a word document and typed the word wife. and out of curiosity, i checked the synonyms for the word WIFE. I have attached the answer here..

If u have any doubts , check it out.The meaning for the word wife, is husband.Either Bill Gates is wrong or my Biology teacher is wrong ( I have finally taken revenge on her)I do not mind even if one among the two is right, cos in both cases i will end up as the winner.(Renu,Minu,sheena,reba,shyla, mahima,esther, ruth, mary and meena... all u girls can laugh now)

will i get the Nobel prize ?