Oct 21, 2016

807. Harris Jayaraj should be banned

I have read umpteen number of posts and proofs that explains how Harris Jayaraj copies song tracks from other albums and calls them his own composition.

So invariably when ever I see any movie with Harris Jayraj as its music director, I would assume that the songs are copied from some where else. I even went on to write a post on how he copied music pieces from Christian Keerthanai for one of his movies - Ennai Arindhaal.

Click [here] to read that post
A friend who read that post of mine called me up and blasted me on the phone and asked me not to call myself a music lover. She was a fan of Harris and she got hurt to read such a post from me. She went on to block me on Facebook because of that post.

One year year later, the movie Irumugan got released and she unblocked me on Facebook and sent a friend request again. When I accepted her request, she messaged me saying "Hey Chriz, Harris Jayaraj has composed music for Irumugan. Now don;t tell me that he copied here too".

I did not respond to that message because I was not interested in  listening to his songs. But this morning I decided to listen to a song from the movie and I opened youtube and listened to the song Halena from that movie. I should not have opened the link; because within 5 seconds into the song, I realized that the song was a copy.

Atleast in his previous copy cat works, Harris would copy the tune and use his own instruments to give a new effect. But in this song, he has used the exact effect and music instruments too that was used in the original song " Fetty Wap - Trap Queen". Check the video for yourself

Now, If my friend sees this post, she will block me again. What made me to write this post is to understand why the hell Harris Jayaraj calls himself a music director? He does not add any creative value to the song he copies from. There are words like "Inspiration / Adaptation" that masquerades and gives a soft effect to the word copy. But even those words will hang in shame if they know what Harris Jayaraj has done to music.  I checked the other songs in that movie and realized that none of the songs in that movie were directed by him.

I would like to close this post with the following two questions
  1. Why do film makers pay such a lazy fellow?
  2. Why are people not filing a copyright infringement case against him?
There are brilliant music directors who compose wonderful arrangements. I have seen many of their works lying in shelves in music studios and in mobile phones. Many such works don't see the light, because nobody produces them and because there are copy cats like Harris Jayaraj who steals such works and calls them his own.

Note to my friend: Please block me and go away. Neeyum unnoda Harris Jayarajum

- Chronicwriter

Sep 16, 2016

806. Soaps and their persona

I am gonna take you on a journey that will take you through your childhood. If you have lived in the 80s and the 90s you will love me for this post. Even if you do not end up loving me, you would at least end up friend-zoning me.

The collage below has images of all the soaps that I am going to write in this blog post. You can refer to this picture to understand this post better.

1) Pears
The first soap in the list. When ever I think about this soap, I always think of transparency and glasses. All of us would have seen through the soap. It had a pleasant smell. My friend Sneha and I used to fight to see who was right in pronouncing the name of the soap. I would say PAIRS and she would say PEERS. We still fight even after 20 years. 

2) Santoor
Santoor is one soap that would make girls hate other girls. The common myth about this soap is that when 40 year old women use this soap, they would look like a college girl.

Some advertisements also made middle aged women believe that they can play basketball. At the end of those ads, college girls would flock around a young lady and ask her "Which college are you from?", and a small girl would run up to the lady calling her "Mummy".

Middle aged ladies in the 1980s immediately started buying Santoor with hopes of being transformed into college girls. Nothing changed

3) Hamam and Rexona
Hamam and Rexona are twin sisters who were separated in their birth. They had a similar smell and they were both green in colour. Hamam in particular was the family soap for middle class families. I used to take bath using Hamam soap during my school life.

My mom never allowed me to change the soap. She would say that if I changed the soap, I would get pimples. I did not change the soap; but my face looked like a golf ball during my teenage days.

Rexona had a coconut flavour in it. This made it an instant hit in Kerala. 

4) Margo
If one could make a soap out of human shit, you should call that soap Margo. It smells like shit. I have no clue how the makers came up with such a disgusting smell. It was supposed to be a healthy soap with neem flavour. But it just stinks. You can never use it to clean your hands after coming out of the rest room. People will think that you never washed your hands in the first place.

5) Lux
In the late 80s, there was a common belief among middle class families that lux soap was the soap used by cine stars. It was the Mercedes Benz of soaps. It was advertised in such a manner that you started believing that only if you have a bath tub in your house, you could afford Lux.

When I was a kid, I only saw Lux soaps in the shelves of retail stores. I have never used them. That sophisticated image that Lux had was finally killed by the Lux CEO himself, when he decided to promote the product using ShahRukh Khan. It was horrible to see Shahrukh Khan jumping into a bath tub for the Lux ad.

6) Cinthol
Cinthol was the official soap of a man. This is one soap that men would use to show their manliness. In the Cinthol ad, Vinod Khanna (Hindi actor) would ride a horse in the beach. I still remember the bass voice that was used in the ad.

Later Shahrukh Khan was made to act in Cinthol ad too. He acted along with his wife in a romantic ad which made the soap looked like a soap for young men. Somehow the deep bass voice effect went away. Shahrukh Khan was responsible for the change in perception of this soap too.

7) Lifebuoy
This is was the viagra of soaps. It lasts long; really long. It was the official soap used by boys in college hostels. Four guys would be using a single soap for an entire semester and 50% of the soap would still be left at the end of the semester. In rural India, this soap was used on buffaloes too. We used to call it the brick soap.

8) Liril
The Liril ad was one of the path-breaking ads in the Doordarshan era. It featured  models Karen Lunel, Pooja Batra amd Preity Zinta taking a bath in a waterfall.

Young boys of the 80s loved the ad. Orthodox middle class families would switch off the TV when the ad came on TV. We had only one channel those days and they did not have the option to change the channel. Liril ads were used only by bold outgoing girls during that time.

9) Chandrika
Go to any hotel, lodge in India and 9 out of ten times you would find a Chandrika soap in the rest room. It does not have a strong odor and it does not stand out. But still it is a soap that appeals to the ordinary masses because it easily qualifies as the soap that every average middle class family could use.

10) Dettol
Mothers had the belief that if they use dettol soap on their children 99.99% of the germs in their body would disappear. If I had a fall and suffered some bruises, my mom would immediately wash the injury with a dettol soap.

11) Mysore Sandal soap
This is the soap that is used by south Indian bride grooms and brides during wedding season. When families exchanged trays of goodies that include fruits, clothing, and money; Mysore sandal soap also found itself placed somewhere in the plate. 

Santoor was also a sandal soap. But Mysore Sandal soap belonged to the elite class and was reserved for special occasions. Santoor was given unfair treatment on this regard.

12) Fiama DiWills
I use Fiama Di Wills because it is transparent like Pears, has an aroma that reminds me of Hamam, Cinthol and Lux and it brings back my childhood memories.

I have not written about many other soaps.Please feel free to share about other soaps that made an impact in your life when you were a child.

Question for my readers: There was a soap in the late 80s and early 90s that came into the Indian market. I remember seeing that soap ad in Doordarshan. It had a curved shape and it's USP was that it will last long. I have seen that soap; but could hardly get the name right. Can you help me in finding the name of the soap? The person who gives the right answer would get a pack of movie DVDs couriered to their house.

- Chronicwriter

Sep 9, 2016

805. Ten guitars

That is me and my wife- Joan

It has been a while since I posted a cover song in this blog. When Engelbert Humperdinck wrote the song" Ten guitars" and released it in the year 1967, he would not have thought that after 50 years, a guy named Prason Christopher Robin would butcher that song by singing a cover version of it.

Well, I don't think I butchered it. It has come out OK. The problem with me is that when I forget the lyrics, I invent my own lyrics and sing it live. That is what happened in this song. When I was recording this song in Ooty in a resort that is not worth mentioning, I forgot the lyrics. So I ended up adding my own lyrics impromptu and that is why a couple of lines does not make sense at all in this video.

Engelbert was born in Chennai and he is an English classic pop singer. When I say Pop, he was an original. Check this cover version of mine here and share your comments.


If you do not like my version and if you hate it, please provide me some kaasu; I will record a studio version of this song, add some music instruments and make it sound sexy. Nambikkaidhaan vaaazhkai

Sep 6, 2016

804. Setwet deo - Swag Avatar

I received a call last night that a friend was admitted in the hospital. He was my childhood friend Ashok. He is 34 now and after a long struggle to get married, found a girl through a matrimony site and got engaged to her. He is getting married in December this year. So when I received the news that he was admitted in the hospital, the first thing I asked the caller was if he was critical. The caller said that he was in the emergency ward
I rushed to the hospital and when I found the reason for his illness, I burst out laughing. He had suffered a concussion. He barely managed to avoid head injury. Apparently he was preparing to go out on a date with the girl he is engaged to. It was his first ever date in his life. The closest he has come to a date was when he acted as a driver for me when I went out on a date. He lacked conversational skills and he would put off a girl in seconds with his conversational skills.

His first ever phone conversation with his fiancee was as follows
Phone rings, she picks up and says hello
He: So... What next?
She: Tell me Ashok. You start the conversation like that?
He: Hmm
After an awkward 10 seconds of silence, she tries to liven up things
She: Did you have breakfast?
He: Yes... Then tell me?
She: Are you planning to go to office?
He: Yes
She was literally pissed after this phone conversation. So as a good friend of my friend, I decided to take some dating lessons for him before he took her out on a date. I told him to prepare some interesting topic around trending events  (Movies, music, Olympics, US open, books, art, places in Chennai, his childhood memories) and also asked him to have 5 jokes to crack at regular intervals to make the date memorable. He even took notes.
So one day before the date, he called me and said that he was ready with the 5 jokes. He also said that he read the newspaper and he has covered the latest news including sensex and foreign exchange rates. I realized that he has studied some out of syllabus topics too. But I did not discourage him. He added that he had brought a suit for his date. I was happy. I should have just let him go. But I did the grave mistake of telling him to apply some deo; because he usually smells bad.
He had bought Setwet - Swag deo thinking that he would show his swag side. Enthusiastically, he had doused ample amount of deo on his body. Within minutes he had fainted because he could not bear the smell. His room mate found him semi-naked in his room (unconscious too). Ashok was wearing his shirt, suit and his socks. His underwear and his pants were still unpacked and were placed on his bed. I still don't understand why he wore socks.
Back at the hospital, we all had a heart laugh. Ashok's fiancee was also at the hospital. His room mate failed to click a picture of Ashok in his room. His deo smell was still strong at the hospital. 
Note to readers: If you are planning to buy setwet deo, think twice
Additional note to readers: I have a setwet deo too (The mischief avatar). I spray it inside the western commode once in a while after cleaning the toilet with harpic.
I know you would be dying to see a picture of Ashok and his fiancee. But I won't add it now because if I add the picture, he would not invite me for his wedding. After december, I will add the picture for sure. Some one has to remind me of this after december


Aug 18, 2016

803. Respect a NO

So we were at this supermarket. My daughter was sitting in the trolley. This middle aged man in his early forties was making funny faces at my daughter. I was watching this from a distance. As my daughter did not find his facial expressions amusing she simply ignored him. 

This 40 year old man thought that it was a grave insult by a 4 year old. So he made the next move and came near her and pinched her cheeks. I do not like anyone pinching my daughter's cheeks. That man's wife gave him a sign of approval. I did not understand how she could think that her husband's act was cute. 

My daughter was taken aback and she gave a bad stare at the man and said " Stop touching me". He did not seem to get it. He and his wife started laughing and that infuriated me. So I decided to intervene. But before I could move, this guy leaned forward and pinched her cheeks again. My daughter decided to take matters in her own hands. She spat on his face and swung her right hand wildly and ended up slapping him. 

The people in the supermarket were stunned to see a kid slapping an adult man. But I was elated. I rushed to my daughter and gave her a hi5 and told him "The next time someone says No, learn to respect that". His wife started giving bad stares at me. She might have thought that I was not bringing up my daughter by teaching her good manners. But I am glad that my daughter did that or else I might have done that and it would have ended up as an ego clash between two adults.

When some one says NO; respect that

- Chronicwriter

Aug 16, 2016

802. A business magnate in the making

A True incident

Date: 14th August 2016, Time: 10:30 pm
Place: Outside Zaitoon, Velachery, Chennai

Representative Image
My wife, daughter and I came out of Zaitoon ( A restaurant) after a sumptuous dinner. The guy at the door went to fetch my car and I was standing at the entrance when a little girl approached me with a few things to sell. She must have been around 8. She had a few Indian flags in her hand, a few strips of sticker, a few pens and flannel cloth to wipe the car.

As I have worked in an NGO, my immediate thought was that this girl must be a bonded laborer or must be a part of a mafia. So I looked around to see if any thug is orchestrating her movements from nearby. But I could not find anyone around. So to make sure that she was not in trouble, I initiated a conversation with her. My wife and my daughter were standing next to me.

Me: How much are these?
She: Rs 10 each.
Me: OK. I will buy two sticker sheets from you
( I bought two sticker sheets and handed her Rs.20. My daughter was happy now because she could now stick the walls with these stickers. I made two little girls happy with that single transaction)
She: Sir, I am hungry. Can you give me that food parcel? (She was pointing at the food parcel I had bought from Zaitoon)
Me: OK. Here you go.
(By this time, my car had arrived; but I wanted t know more about this little girl
Me: Do you think you are safe working at 10.30 pm here?
She: My parents and my elder brother are also selling these in that signal
(She points to the near by signal and I can see a couple of people selling the same things to cars parked at the signal)
Me: Where do you get these things from?
She: My father buys it from Parry's corner, Chennai.
Me: Where is your house?
She: We live in Avadi
( Those who are well versed with Chennai will know that Velachery, Parry's corner and Avadi are at three ends of Chennai)
Me: So when do you go back home?
She: We will leave in another 30 minutes.
Me: Are you studying?
She: Yes, I am studying in 3rd standard. I come to sell with my brother only on weekends.
(This girl sensed that I was asking this question to check if she was forced to Child labor and she was brainy enough to give that additional answer that she works only on weekends. Apparently she was earning along with her family to take care of her education)
Me: How much do you buy these stickers from Parry's corner?
She: Dad buys them for Rs 3/- per strip
Me: Wow! So you just made a profit of Rs 14/-
(Here I was having a conversation with a brilliant mind who could logically understand my question; but was innocent enough to reveal the money for which she originally bought that sticker for. That was the innocence of her age.)
She: Sir, I make Rs 500/- profit by selling these in a day
(I thought she was making up this number. So I asked her a cross question)
Me: So how many of these stickers do you sell in a day?

She: I sell around 80 things including the stickers and flags (It was India's Independence day the next day). So I make a profit of around Rs 500/-
Me: But Isn't 80 multiplied by 10 = Rs 800?
She: Yes sir. But I am only talking about the profit. I deducted Rs 300/- from that
(Here was an 8 year old girl who was taking a class to me on multiplication and was also teaching me about basics of financial accounting. I was overwhelmed by this.)
Me: So what do you want to become in future? (Expecting her to say "Engineer or Doctor")
She: I will be rich one day. Very rich. (She was confident in her response. She could have said that she wanted to be rich one day. But her words were that she will be rich one day)

I said good bye to her and came back home. I forgot to click a picture of the girl. Today morning, when my daughter took the sticker strip to stick them in her favorite wooden board, I remembered each and every single word she spoke to me.
Key takeaways:
1) She was not begging and she was not part of any mafia
2) She was not doing bonded labor. She has the right to education and she was studying
3) She was good in numbers and she knew what she wanted to become in life

Yes! poverty was making her do all these. But she was a confident girl; not arrogant; but with a vision which I am sure she would achieve.

I did not ask her name. But I am sure that I would be able to see her around Velachery on a weekend. When there are thousands of people who choose begging as a way of life or cheating as a lifestyle, there is this little girl who has started carving her own future with a determination that will surely take her where she wants to go.

- Chronicwriter

Aug 4, 2016

801. Ten Management lessons from 23 Pulikesi

23 Pulikesi is a Tamil humor period film directed by Simbhudevan. Actor Vadivelu's role in the movie is still etched in our memories. The script was strong and Vadivel's acting took it to a different level. People may see it as a comedy movie and move on. But the director has hidden many management lessons in the movie. This blog post will unearth ten management lessons from the movie Pulikesi for the friends with benefit of the readers.

 Management lesson 1 : Prepare monthly/ quarterly reports without fail

This is the first lesson we learn from Pulikesi. His performance is not really worthy to be mentioned in public. But he knew how to manipulate data and project an appealing report. We all do this by uploading edited photos in our Facebook account. Similarly lot of corporate companies project an edited output in their reports. Once you master this art, you become an efficient management professional

 Management lesson 2: Always have an allakkai with you

It is imperative to have an allakkai (who will always put aamaansaami ) close to you. This guy will make you look important in group discussions when you make a point. If this allakkai laughs at your silly jokes, it will be highly beneficial for you. You can always give him those extra donuts during appraisal time. The allakkai knows that you already know that his actions are fake. But you both have no other choice but to travel together.

Management lesson 3 : Stay away from the honest person

In every company there will always be one or two people who will stand for justice, rights and will always call a spade a spade. Keep yourself far away from them. If possible make sure to dig a pit for them so that they fall inside it. Such people will be problematic for your growth in the corporate ladder. So eliminate them as quick as you can. Pulikesi made sure that he eliminated a poet who seemed to be causing trouble to him.

Management lesson 4: Have some entertainment at work

Companies like google have a corporate culture that is envied by many who do not work in such companies. There is a common assumption that employees there get free food and a lot of time to party and play. Pulikesi always encouraged games in his kingdom even if it meant loss of lives. 

Management lesson 5:  Have a good work life balance

It is always good to work hard and party harder. Pulikesi knew it all. Be it in the palace or in the jail, he always maintained a good work life balance. This made him to come back to power even after being locked up in jail.

Management lesson 6: Never be ashamed to accept defeat

When you make a grave mistake, never be ashamed to admit it. Fall flat and accept your mistake. People will respect you for that. If you try to defend yourself by giving justification for your actions, chances are that people will gang up and beat you black and blue. Pulikesi had the heart to accept his mistake for eating Vallavarayan's dove. The poets in his kingdom lauded this move by him.

Management lesson 7: Be Shrewd in making strategic decisions

Even though Pulikesi was lazy, he was shrewd in his decision making skills. He knew how to make winning solutions. When a spy tries to fool him with a cooked up story, Pulikesi uses his analytical skills to identify the lie in it. This business intelligence is important for every business leader.

Management lesson 8: Learn from your failures.

Some projects may fail and you may lose hope and get dejected because of that. But Pulikesi taught us that even when a bear spits on his face, he would not feel bad for it; but take that as a lesson to move forward in life. He taught us to be emotionally stable in all situations

Management lesson 9: Keep that useless resource in the team.

There might be some employees in your team who may be completely useless. They will do everything wrong. Don't send them out of your company. Preserve them. They may be useful for you in future. Pulikesi had a kollan who was fit for nothing. All the weapons made by him were faulty. But that comes in handy for Pulikesi at a point when he actually needed in life. This management lesson was adopted by Dhoni. Dhoni followed this principle and had Sreesanth in his team for two world cup winning finals. The reason for having Dhawan in certain matches and Rohit Sharma in certain other matches may be the same too.

Management lesson 10: Upgrade your skillset

A lesson learnt from his failure made Pulikesi to upgrade his skillset and learn an art form that was greek to him. In the process, he ended up killing a few people and still did not learn the art form. But who cares!!! At least he tried. As Ravi Shastri says, two teams played and cricket was the winner


Aug 3, 2016

800. My wife is a murderer

When I was sleeping in the night, the blanket moved away exposing my leg to mosquitoes and just when a mosquito was about to bite my leg, she comes and kills the mosquito and covers my leg with the blanket. That is my wife who does not allow even a mosquito to hurt me. Yes she is a cold blooded murderer. 

She walks around the house like a tennis player, swatting mosquitoes at will. If there is an Olympic sport for killing mosquitoes, she will easily win a gold medal for team India.

But, though I would like to thank her for protecting me from mosquito bite, I am sad for the mosquito's family. You might know that only female mosquitoes bite human beings. The male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar. 

The female mosquitoes require blood to produce baby mosquitoes. The mosquito that was killed by my wife, might have been pregnant. Her husband might have been waiting for her to come home and he might still be waiting with tears in his eyes. The deceased mosquito's children would be in a state of shock. Their home would have a gloomy atmosphere now. 

If film director Rajamouly had seen this murder, he would have taken a movie "Kosu" which would have given tough competition to his earlier movie "Eega".

Blue cross activists have not started their agitation against this murderous act. They would raise slogans against topics they have no clue on; like  "Jallikattu"; but would keep quiet when a mosquito is killed. Is not that a living creature too? When people can raise slogans like "Black lives matter", " Say no to beef", why not raise slogans to protect and konjufy mosquitoes? 

You might be thinking that I am harsh against my wife here. I might be! But I can't keep quiet when an innocent soul is killed. What mistake did the mosquito do? She just wanted some blood from me to lay eggs. My blood investment would have made her happy. But my wife killed her and this brings great grief to me. I am unable to sleep for the last two days because of this.

As I type this, my friend who sits next to me says that if I publish this post, I would not get dinner tonight at home. I guess it is gonna be my favorite dish "Chilly beef" for dinner. I knowI will have to stay hungry and look foolish tonight for publishing this blog. But I don't care. At least I would have peace for standing up for mosquito rights. I can hear you saying "Indha kosu tholla thaangalabaa"

My wife and I completed 5 years of married life on 1 August 2016. Click this [ link ] to know how I met my wife. 

Click this [ link ] to read how I was attacked at my wedding.

Note: This is my 800th post in this blog. The journey goes on

- Chronicwriter

Jul 29, 2016

799. The beautiful sister

Facebook suggested me this ad in my timeline. It irked me for many reasons

It was an ad where a beautiful girl's picture was shown. I first thought that it should be a cosmetic ad.

But then I saw the word "Gift your sister". This made me wild. How can the advertising brand call her my sister?

That totally put me off. This is the same thought that would have hit all the men who saw this ad.

The second thing that caught my attention was that this pendant that was advertised in the ad was labelled as "Jewellery for women safety". 

It doe not have a pepper spray, nor does it have a laser gun attached to it. In that case, how on earth would it give women an assurance of safety. It seems there is a chip that alerts people on their phone when attacked. The chip that costs Rs 200 to make is now being marketed for Rs 4000/- just because it finds itself in a jewellery.

To make matters worse, the pendant is long and is strategically placed between the girl's breasts. Is that a safety mechanism? I don't know. May be safety experts might know it best. 

I came to know that the pendant almost weighs 200 grams. With such a heavy pendant, those girls who wear the chain will develop spondylitis.

Verdict: This ad is a big fail for all the men

The word Raksha Bhandhan always gives me nightmares. And advertisements like this make it an unpleasant experience for me

Read my post exclusively written for guys on how to run away from girls on Raksha Bhandan [Link]. 

Read this post that talks about the different types of Annas you will come across on Raksha Bhandan [link]

- Chronicwriter

Jul 19, 2016

798. How to be a good writer

My friend pinged me on Facebook and asked me "Chriz! What should I do to be a good writer?"

That one pop up message on my FB messenger is the reason behind this post. The word Good is highly subjective. What's good for me may not be good for others. I consider a certain IIM grad writer as a good writer because he is a great storyteller. But a majority of grammar Nazis hate him and say that his English is not up to the mark and he is not fit to be called an author. I don't think he gives a damn about all the taunts he goes through. At least he is doing what he loves to do and he also knows how to make money from that; which is not the case with almost all who criticize him. BTW, if you are gonna hate me for supporting him here, let me tell you that he has blocked me on twitter because he thought that my jokes were on him.

Now let me come back to the post. How to be a good writer. Let me rephrase it. How to be a good story teller! I think I am eligible to write on this topic, because I have tried the art of story telling on a one-to-one basis (with my daughter), to a group of hundred people (in college) and to a crowd of ten thousand people (events) and succeeded in getting positive responses. 

So this is what I do when I prepare a story. I would first set the basics right. I would work on my strengths and push my weaknesses under the carpet. 

In my case, my strengths are humor, concluding a story and simple language that connects with all age groups. My weakness is my English. I make a lot of grammatical errors, typos; editors and proof readers will even doubt if I am a writer in the first place.

How do I work on my strengths?

  • If the blog post has 10 paragraphs of three lines each, I would make sure that there is a humor element in all the 10 paragraphs. I would build the tempo in the narration that the humor element connects well with the climax of the story
  • I work a lot on the plot ending because I believe in leaving a lasting impression on my readers. I have at least 3  climaxes for every story and choose one among those based on my instincts. At times it works and some times it has bombed too
  • When I type, I type as if I am conversing with the laptop. The lap top becomes an imaginary friend and as I type, I make sure that I know that the laptop is listening to my story with great interest.
How do I sweep my weaknesses under the carpet?
  • I never use heavy words to tell the world that I am a writer. This is one mistake many make. Just to prove that they are good in English a lot of amateur writers force fit GRE standard words in their story. 
  • I use simple short sentences to convey the message
Now once my strengths and weaknesses are taken care of, the rest becomes easy. Have a great opening, a smooth flow and a tight climax. As you type your story, you should first love what you write. Never become preachy  (I know this line itself is preachy) because no one wants to listen to that. Make a lot of mistakes. Never ever feel bad when people treat your writing like shit. But always keep an eye on why they treat it badly. If you have an urge to become a good writer, you will succeed in writing.

Who knows? You may even publish a book tomorrow. If this post has inspired you to write or start a blog, I'd be happy. Keep writing.